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Nature Inspired, Science Backed Wellness Mats

Have you experienced a flood of calm, peace, and awe when standing outside, overlooking the mountains, feeling the sun on your skin, and grass under your feet? Maybe you went to the beach and felt more clear minded for hours or even days afterwards. Most of us can relate to the pleasurable feelings that come with exposure to nature, and there is a reason many spiritual retreats are far from the city. But, we also know that work, kids, laundry, and trying to get 8 hours of sleep a night is a daunting task and we can't run away to the mountains, beach, or even local park nearly as often as we might want. 

While nature has a certain mystique, some of the things that bring humans the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of being outside have been identified. Knowing what some of these no longer so mysterious factors are have allowed innovations that bring some of the benefits of being outside, inside. One such company, HealthyLine, is doing just this. Today I want to talk about HealthyLine BioMats.


To understand the BioMats, we have to go back to the nature they are inspired from. The innovators at Healthyline have combined nature inspired, science backed principles in their products to mirror the benefits of being outside. They combine PEMF, negative ion, far infrared, magnetic, photon, and hot stone therapies in one compact product you can use daily, without disrupting your busy everyday life. Everything I mentioned above might sound completely foreign, so to give you an idea of why each of these therapies work, and how they are related to natural phenomenon, lets first go over what they all mean.  Lets get into it. 

PEMF Therapy

PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic field, a growing modality for treatment for the musculoskeletal system and pain management among other physical symptoms. PEMF devices produce non-invasive short bursts of electrical current to the targeted tissue. This FDA approved modality has been around since the 1950’s, with evidence continuing to grow in its support. It has been shown to improve wound healing, blood flow, decrease inflammation and even bone repair while decreasing inflammation and pain. 

Negative Ion Therapy 

A negative ion is an atom charged with an extra electron. These negative ions are abundant in nature, and may play a role in the positive mental and emotional effects of exposure to the outdoors. Negative ion therapy has been linked to increased recognition of positive expressions and information. This increased awareness of the positive subsequently decreases the effects of negative emotions, depression, anxiety, stress and fatigue.

Far Infrared Therapy 

Ever wonder why sunlight feels so much better then a fluorescent light bulb? Yes, the warmth feels good, but its more then that. The answer might lie in FIR (far infrared) light. It is not part of the visible light spectrum, but despite being ‘invisible’ it is powerful.  Several studies have shown FIR therapy to be effective in the healing of the cardiovascular system. This and other benefits may be related to the natural pain reduction, reduced stiffness, and improved energy levels that come with FIR therapy. 

Magnetic Therapy 

Magnets have been used across cultures for centuries as a safe, noninvasive method for pain reduction and wound healing. The more we learn, the more studies are showing that magnet therapy can relieve muscle pain, cramps, carpal tunnel, pelvic pain, and pain resulting from arthritis. Healthyline mats deliver all the benefits, but don’t rely on potentially irritating adhesives that other forms of magnetic therapy might. 

Gemstones and Hot Stone Therapy

Gemstones have been seen as treasures for melania. But they are more than beautiful objects used as currency, jewelry, and ways to communicate status among groups. Healthyline Biomats utilize the calming effects of gemstones, and maximize their effect by gently heating them up. The gemstones they use include amethyst, sodalite, and jade. These have unique benefits, and emit FIR and negative Ions which amplify their other therapeutic properties. 

Photon Light Therapy 

Photon therapy, also known as red light therapy, has gained traction in the healthcare world as a safe and effective modality for many conditions. When exposed to the skin, photon light is absorbed into the body and helps facilitate cellular processes that increase the cells ability to produce energy, regenerate, and heal. It also helps the body increase healthy blood flow, fight harmful reactive oxygen species, and therefore decrease inflammation.  Because of this, its benefits are widespread. It is used to improve skin conditions ranging from acne to wound healing, but works deeper in the body as well. After an injury, red light can speed healing by increasing blood flow and delivery of nutrients and molecules needed for healing, as well as clearing inflammatory molecules. It might even help with mood, as some people report decreased depressive symptoms after using red light therapy. 

Finding effective, non-invasive, safe, and pleasant ways to decrease pain, maximize healing, and promote physical and mental wellbeing is hard. That being said, HealthyLine has found a way to combine several time tired and science backed modalities into products that achieve this goal. At Thrive, believe in the profound healing power of combining nature and science. We also believe that everybody has the right to tools to help them achieve their healthiest happiest selves, which is why we have partnered with HealthyLine to try to make their products more accessible to all. They have a variety of products, ranging from mats, wearables, bedding, and accessories, so you are sure to find something that caters to your specific needs. As a client of Thrive, you can get 10% off any of their products by following the link bellow and using code NeuroFeedback10. We can’t wait to see where the combination of HealthyLines wellness promoting products paired with neurofeedback can take you.

Link to HealthyLine products with a discount:

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