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Evolve - Alpha / Theta


For highly conscious souls who are seeking to access more depth and awareness.

Integrate their experience and embody awakening that is beyond conditional programming. Enhance intuitive insights and gifts. Access altered states of consciousness. Create a deeper connection to Self. 

Bridge the gap between your inner and outer worlds.

In as little as 20 sessions, this specialized Alpha / Theta neurofeedback protocol can teach you to access advanced states of meditation that usually take decades of dedicated practice to achieve. 

Alpha Theta is a powerful entrainment tool to assist in emotional and medicinal integration and it induces potent regulation of the nervous system.

You will find yourself in a state of flow and alignment, living life with more ease and grace.


How It Works

Alpha / Theta protocol gently and effectively guides you into a deep, fixed, trance meditative state accessing subconscious energy and vital life force. Alpha / Theta brain wave activity is a state of heart and mind coherence that opens you to the limitless inner world of connectedness.


As the neurofeedback technology monitors your brain wave activity a consistent auditory feedback loop will be delivered to you to entrain you to flow state frequency and more quantum energy, expanding your electromagnetic field


Through repetition, new neural pathway patterning will integrate into your nervous system and balanced, highly conscious Alpha / Theta brain wave activity will become available as your baseline state of existence.

Leave behind life long struggles of normalized conditions such as anxiety, depression, insecurities, doubt, lack and suffering.  

Step into the fullness of your true self. 

The Logistics

Alpha / Theta neurofeedback protocol is commonly practiced in 30 minute to several hour long sessions at the rate of twice per week or more as desired. Use your sessions as a daily / weekly practice or set yourself up for a major recovery / reset by scheduling extended blocks of time.  You will be provided a comfortable space for your sessions with variable seating options.


This is a time for you to take space and rest into the present moment without interruption. Your neurofeedback practitioner will be monitoring and tracking your session and creating the optimal space for you to find your center.


Alpha Theta Evolve Packages are sold in package of 20 sessions at $2,400.



*New client assessment is not required, just schedule an Alpha /Theta session and begin immediately. Ongoing assessment and follow up brain maps are not included as Alpha Theta is highly applicable to everyone. This allows us to offer this at a discounted package price. If you feel you have layers of concerns and needs please do consider booking a full new client assessment

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