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Empower - Trauma Release


Transformation happens here!

Unlike any other modality you have tried. True healing, a true reclaiming of Self. Regulate your inner state and remain balanced, independent of what is going on in your outer environment. No more just surviving. No more being stuck a victim where life is happening to you.

You are a channel for energy and life to flow. Claim and consciously live in your authentic power. 

With Neurofeedback trauma release protocols you will release and reprogram the internal patterns, conditions and distorted projections of self that render you powerless and stuck reliving the past and worrying about the future. 

Allow us to help you feel empowered again and live with discernment and choice where you can respond instead of react. 

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How It Works

We have specialized and advanced protocols that work directly with amygdala energy. This is an extremely potent and highly effective therapy that provides results instantaneously. We have perfected the delivery of this therapy and learned to maximize the results and expansion of wellbeing in both the brain and your nervous system.

Reconnect with your true self as the past finally gets a chance to process while fear and protective layers melt away. 

At the time, we didn't have the opportunity to process the stress, shock and trauma. We were young, helpless, alone, under pressure, unsupported, in danger and relying on the fear and protection of our own nervous system to keep us safe. The amygdala is doing exactly what it is meant to do by sending you a 24 hour fear signal and you are feeling the effects of that disturbing trauma response.


But now you actually are safe and with the help of neurofeedback you can finally process the trauma that is stored as energy in your brain, nervous system and your body. 

The process is simple, comfortable and safe. The beauty of our Trauma Release protocols is that it is not necessary that you drudge up the past, go over the details and re-traumatize yourself with storyline. You simply allow the work to take place. During a session you may experience emotional or physical sensations, find that you have the urge to breath deeply, cry or moan. You may notice a montage of seemingly unrelated images or flashes of memories. You may feel heavy or light. Later that day you may notice you feel different, deeper, more of yourself.

Each session will release more and more fear and suffering. You will complete as many sessions as you need to render yourself free.

The Logistics


Like traditional neurofeedback you will be hooked up with lead wires and will listen to music. Audio and visual photic light stimulation will deliver a feedback loop from you to you.  There will be a lead placed in the position that engages the amygdala. The difference is in the advanced development of algorithms designed specifically for the amygdala and our expertise and experience.


Trauma release neurofeedback is often done in conjunction with other recommended neurofeedback therapy to prime the client and the brain for the most potential and transformation. We will first stabilize the client as needed, freeing you of patterns of depression, anxiety and negative thought patterns and ongoing stress response. Through neurofeedback we will create strong, stable neural pathway systems throughout the brain and body that will be the clear channels for the trauma to release and flow out. We will open your heart and mind to live in acceptance and bring about pure authentic expression to help you to embrace and move on from the past. 

We have perfected the delivery of this therapy and learned to maximize the results and expansion of wellbeing in both the brain and your nervous system. Most practitioners do not offer this level of brain training. Clients with severe trauma may need to do approximately 20 sessions of trauma release; others may require only 10 or 15 sessions to purge and clear the amygdala. Again this is a highly effective therapy that moves faster and is more direct than anything else we have encountered.


It is important to pursue all recommendations for your care plan to achieve maximum results with the most ease and grace. When you have completed the amount of trauma release sessions that is right for you and the trauma has lost all its power, what will be left is

 You, just You.

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