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Choose a path of ease. You can have hope. It doesn't have to be hard.

Start now with one easy step. Schedule a New Client Immersion Session. (Info and Pricing below)

*We are private pay and do not take insurance, issue superbills or diagnosis codes*

The 2 hour New Client Immersion is designed to answer your questions, allow you to experience a neurofeedback session, educate you with interesting and easy to understand information and set you up with a clear plan and expectations. 

Neurofeedback can actively remove blocks and barriers awakening you to more of your true self while enhancing cognitive, emotional, behavioral and physical competence and elevating confidence. Yes change is possible and it can be easy!


Neurofeedback therapy is a gentle, passive and enjoyable experience while also being a highly effective,

quantitative therapy that activates and regulates brain wave energy and the nervous system into a state of renewed opportunity and possibility.

Clients are surprised by how few sessions were required to move beyond their limitations and begin to truly Thrive. Neurofeedback provides such profound and dynamic training that most find that they experience an array of unexpected positive shifts in addition to overcoming their core challenges. 

Our comprehensive, client centered process allows you to feel empowered and aligned with your own healing process. Many feel desirable effects at the first session.

New Client Immersion Overview


We will connect and talk through your concerns, challenges and review relevant history. This is a time to define your goals and values and discover how neurofeedback and Thrive can support you.


Brain Map

We will record a brain map qEEG. This is a test used to track, record, and evaluate the electrical activity aka energy in the brain. It only takes about 20 minutes and provides us with a comprehensive field of information about you, your brain and your nervous system.


Brain Map Review

The data collected is converted into a easy to understand report with visual info graphs that we will review together.

 From the brain map, protocols and algorithms are developed for the brain's specific needs. You will be presented with a recommended care plan to meet your goals.  



You will learn the role of brain waves and their function, why we struggle and how energy use is responsible,  how the nervous system is involved and how your specific wiring is impacting your experience. You will also learn how neurofeedback works. 





Sit, back and relax while enjoying a show or listening to music while this passive therapy precisely and actively trains your brain wave energy into optimal range encouraging new neural pathway development and overall wellbeing. There may be noticeable symptomatic relief after just one sessions

The New Client Immersion is priced at only $349. Thrive offers this at a reduced price compared to other clinics as a way to immerse you in the neurofeedback experience, educate you, answer your questions and allow you to feel the unique nature at Thrive.

Step 1. Schedule your New Client Immersion

New clients to Thrive start with a map of the brain. At the 2 hour new client immersion we will get to know each other and go into depth around you and your needs. We will then use qEEG to scan your brainwave energy and generate a brain map with color coded infographics and charts. We will review the map in as much depth as you like sharing information and using words that you can actually understand. This will be a very personalized and comprehensive overview where we will learn a lot about you. That way when we are discussing neurofeedback we will also be discussing your personal make up and how the therapy will help you. Included is education on the brain, brain waves and how neurofeedback works.  You will get to do a full neurofeedback session at this time. 

Using the data collected from the brain map and session a care plan recommendation will be provided. You will leave with your questions answered, a real experience and a plan to move forward. Clients find the new client immersion fascinating and informative. It is exciting to learn about your own brain and nervous system and the patterns and programs that are behind the obstacles you experience. 

Step 2. Purchase a package & schedule your twice/week follow up sessions

Based on the care plan recommended you will choose a neurofeedback package plan that best suits your needs. You can also select to include transformational coaching sessions, dietary coaching and herbal/supplementation education.


Care plan packages can be purchased at the time of the new client appointment or at your first follow up session.

You will begin regular sessions at the rate of 2 times per week or more depending on your circumstances.

Each session is 45 minutes long and includes 30 minutes of neurofeedback therapy and 10 to 15 minutes for checking in with your practitioner and hooking up / unhooking equipment. 

Sessions are purchased in packages and a commitment of 20 sessions is required in order to achieve results that last.

Pricing - Packages - Membership - Payment Plans

* Sorry we do not accept insurance or provide superbills or diagnosis/procedure codes

New Client Immersion - $349 (2hr)

Individually Priced Neurofeedback Session - $140 (45 min)

Package Discounts

*Discounts are applied for up front payment in full

20 Session Package

40 Session Package

$2,800.00 Value

Save $140  

(1 Free Session)

1 follow up Brain Map

$2,660 Total

$5,600.00 Value

Save $420  

(3 Free Sessions)

2 follow up Brain Maps

$5,180 Total

60 Session Package

80 Session Package

$8,400.00 Value

Save $840 

(6 Free Sessions)

3 follow up Brain Maps

$7,560 Total

$9,800.00 Value

Save $1,400  

(10 Free Sessions)

3 follow up Brain Maps

$9,800 Total

Payment Plans - Monthly auto pay payment is available at full value price distributed depending on the number of sessions you are purchasing. For example 20 session package will be billed over 3 months.


*Most discounted package *Can be shared between family members

Year Long Membership 100 Sessions


Save $3,500  

(25 Free Sessions)

4 follow up Brain Maps

$10,500 Total

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