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What Happens At Your First Session?

Welcome and Consultation:

After booking a new client intake, you will come in for your brain map and first session! A few things will happen during your orientation and first session. You will start with a consultation. You will be welcomed to the clinic, connect with our neurofeedback specialist, and talk through any possible concerns or challenges. During this time you will have a conversation in which you will both review relevant history so we can best understand, connect, and form a plan to best serve you. This is a time to define your goals and values and discover how neurofeedback and Thrive can support you.

Brain Map:

After being shown around the clinic, sharing your history, goals and hopes for neurofeedback, its time for your brain map. This is also known as a Quantitative Electroencephalogram, or qEEG. A brain map is a non-invasive procedure in which you will sit still while wearing a specialized cap. You don't have to do anything, just sit still and let our state of the art technology do the work. While you sit, the cap and program are tracking, recording, and evaluating your electrical activity, or energy in the brain. This whole procedure takes about 20 minutes and, in combination with your history and goals discussed during your consultation, provides a comprehensive field of information about you, your brain, and nervous system. The best part is that being a non-invasive procedure you will have no side effects! The only way you will know you even had a procedure done is by all the new information about yourself you will leave with!

*Some things to note before having a qEEG done. Please refrain from drinking coffee or using other substances which alter brain function prior to coming in.


We will go over the brain map report with you. Our advanced software consolidates your individual data and creates visual reports and graphs, which we will explain in an easy to understand fashion. During this time we will give you an overview of brain waves and brain lobes to best understand how the results of your brain map are related to your symptoms. Based on this and your consultation, you will be presented with a recommended care plan to help you reach your goals.


While it takes years to fully understand the complex way in which brain waves function and interact, and how the lobes of the brain interface to give us the amazing abilities we as humans enjoy, you will learn the fundamental roles of brain waves and their functions. You will learn why we struggle in certain aspects of our lives, how energy use is responsible, and how the nervous system is involved. This will all lead to a greater understanding of how your specific wiring is impacting your experience. You will also learn how neurofeedback works.

Neurofeedback Session:

Sit back and relax while enjoying a show or listening to music while this passive therapy precisely and actively trains your brain wave energy into optimal range. During training you are also encouraging new neural pathway development, and overall wellbeing. There may be noticeable symptomatic relief after just one session. It is not uncommon to feel a bit fatigued after the session, and is nothing to worry about. This means your brain was working hard and on its path to optimal function. Before leaving, you will be instructed on how to schedule future sessions, and are welcome to reach out to the team at Thrive if anything comes up before the next session.

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