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Partners & Speciality Offerings

Nikki Dorn: Nurse and Plant Medicine Expert 


Nikki is a dedicated critical care nurse providing care to patients during their most vulnerable moment. Alongside her nursing career, she is a clinical herbalist, guiding her clients on their journey towards health and wholeness through the alchemy of plant medicines.


She believes healing occurs not just in the physical body, but the energetic, spiritual and emotional bodies as well. Her training with plant medicine extends into the realm of psychedelic therapy. She walks the Priestess path calling on the deep healing and support of the elements, the universal bodies, and Earth medicine to assist her in providing profound experiences for her clients.


She is driven by the deep desire to see us all live in a more beautiful world that are hearts know as possible and believes that through becoming whole, we can collectively move closer to this vision.

To learn more and get in contact, check out her website at or reach out directly to her email or call (720) 841-6938 

Nikita King: Licensed Professional Counselor 

Nikita King, MA, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor offering virtual talk therapy services in Colorado. Her master's is in Somatic Psychology, a style of therapy that focuses on the mind-body connection. This means that her sessions often balance both talk and body-grounding techniques that result in complete nervous system regulation.


She is skilled at reading qEEG brain maps and integrating the asesments into sessions. If you are looking for a therapist who understands your brain and its specific patterns, Nikita offers qEEG-based counseling that uses your map as a pillar for the therapeutic process. This service complements neurofeedback brain training programs like neurofeedback for individuals seeking additional talk therapy.


Nikita specializes in trauma, chronic pain/illness, and anxiety. She also enjoys working with teenagers and adults experiencing attention issues, life transitions, relationship challenges, burnout, and end-of-life concerns.


To book a free 20-minute consultation, please either reach out on her website, or give her a call at (720) 239-2309

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